21 septembre 2007

Yes, you are Tunisian when…

Yes, you are Tunisian when…

1.You have 5 o’clock morning cravings for lablabi (or bambalouni?)
2.You have watched at least once in your life a full episode of Guadaluppe or Manuela
3.If you’re from “banlieue”, everything else is province, and you despise
4.If you’re not from banlieue, you despise banlieue but secretly wish you
lived there
5.Not supporting the same football team is the underlying reason you can’t
stand your brother in law
6.You begin your sentences by the “z***” word

7.You end your sentences by the “z***” word

8.You regularly have phone calls from some aunt trying to fix you up with
some very good “wild or bent 3ayla”
9.You made your first “melyoun” when you passed your “bac”

10.You are familiar with street poetry: “chbih elfraise mal a l’aise, chbih
ellouze membouze…” 11.You would kill for a mloukhia abroad
12.You hate "tounes"

13.You love "tounes"

14.You automatically start whispering when you speak about anything remotely
related to politics
15.You could -seriously- start a fight to be the one to pay for the bill

16.You have an 80% debt rate but still manage to buy the last Mercedes

17.If you're a girl; Gucci, Dolce and Salvatore are the reasons you go to
work in the morning 18.If you're a girl you turn blond at one point or another
19.If you're a girl you can't have your nails done without "couloirs"

20.Someone threatened you with a chleka at one point or another

21.You put tuna on pizza and pasta

22.You waited 10 years before seeing your first banana
23.You think you don't need a visa to go to Marseilles

24.You think Bouga Sider is the greatest invention after A/C

25.You know the old guy with a cat in Sidi Bou
26.You can pull off a white suit and a mashmoum

27.Purple is your color ;)

28.You only know one avenue: 7 November
29.Cats understand it when you say “kssss”
30.You manifest Happiness by the 2 words “mouch norrmal”

31.Your mother always says she’s a "beldia"

32.You know what's an LNA

33.You know at least 10 jokes on Libyans and Hairdressers

34.You're a "house music terrorist" i.e. u ONLY listen to house music

35.You're alcoholic

36.If you live abroad, you have a bottle of water in the bathroom...

37.You Never EVER change the places you go out to i.e.: calypso in the summer, grand bleu in the winter ok… spoon
38.Shouting is just the way you speak

39.You eat harissa with about everything

40.While being open-minded, tolerant etc… you are fundamentally convinced
nothing, NOTHING equals being a Tounsi, Tounsia
41.You can’t wait to leave ‘tounes’

42.You can’t wait to come back to ‘tounes”

Hassilou mella nahna…

6 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

You mean i'm not Tunisian?????

Anonyme a dit…

SO FUNNY! And very accurate!
Hassilou mella nahna…

Anonyme a dit…

I'm 78.57% tounsia...
Bad or good deal?

Anonyme a dit…

très bien fait

samsoum a dit…

So true indeed :))

mahéva a dit…

حلو ياسر النص، يا خسارة ماعادش نعرف توة أنا تونسية و إلا لا